Who wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning, open the window and view a beautiful lavender field lit by the sun’s rays and bringing a more vivid awakening? Isn’t it invigorating? Doesn’t it feel good in the morning?

One of the postcards of Provence is the lavender fields. The color, the aroma, the texture of the twisted little flowers is the face of this French nook. There is the cradle of essences, smells and aromas.

And, what about the properties of lavender essential oil? That good smell that exhales and makes everyone calm, relaxed, less anxious and still helps you sleep better.


Smells and emotions

Plants and flowers are one of the oldest resources used in health. But what recent research reveals is that by inhaling the essential oils they produce they can act positively on the physical as well as influence the emotional.

According to the Sense of Smell Institute, for smell research, when you inhale an aroma, lavender helps to calm it goes, in seconds, straight to the limbic system, where the hypothalamus is, the part of the brain that processes thoughts and emotions.

The olfactory system transforms the inhaled chemical components into neurological impulses that reach different brain areas. These impulses reach glands, initially in the brain, that stimulate our defense system. It also ends up influencing the brain zone where emotions are born.

lavender essential oil

Some studies prove that lavender afford to calm down on the relaxed state and on the improvement of depressive states. In research conducted at the University and published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, adults exposed to lavender showed increased beta potency, suggesting greater relaxation.

Lavender works the balance of the soul, it acts in the yin and yang polarities. Helps combat inflamed feelings, mental stress and headaches.

Using lavender oil while anxiety, is an ally in your daily life. When you need to relax, do a massage using grape seed vegetable oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Or, if you prefer, put three or four drops of lavender oil in the electric or room flavoring. Another tip is to do a foot bath with a few drops of lavender before bed.

Lavender is amazing for babies, especially to help those who have difficulty sleeping. She has the power to soothe the body, in order to reassure and make it easier to rest, in addition, she takes care and protects the skin of the little one.